Virtual Visit to the Kabuki Clinic

The Roya Kabuki Clinic at Boston Children’s Hospital offers the opportunity for virtual visits to returning patients on a regular basis. Many families in the rare disease community find this beneficial to increase accessibility, decrease the number of visits into the hospital, and still maintain much needed clinical care. We are excited to see that insurance companies have begun to accept these virtual visits at higher rates over the past few years. In the future, we are hopeful we will see greater opportunities for these visits throughout clinics, across state lines, and amongst more insurance plans.

Click here to find more information on the Boston Children’s Hospital’s Virtual Visit webpage.

In response to COVID-19 current guidelines are recommending the majority of us at home to protect ourselves and those in the communities around us. Staying home might mean missing previously scheduled clinic appointments, or the inability to schedule an in-person follow up visit in the near future. More than ever virtual clinic visits are becoming an essential tool to continue clinical care.

One family recently shared their experience with the Roya Kabuki Program’s Telehealth Clinic, noting that, “Telehealth is a godsend to rare disease patients in the midst of a pandemic.”

In light of the recent in-person visit limitations, the scope of patients who are able to participate in this format has expanded greatly. More providers are able to add this option to their clinical practice, and insurance coverage has drastically increased for the time being. We are extremely pleased as this has allowed both Dr. Olaf Bodamer (Genetics) and Dr. Benjamin Goodlett (Psychology) to continue many routine follow up appointments as usual, and schedule new visits as questions and concerns arise from home at higher rates.

If you have questions about how a virtual visit works, or if your child is eligible, please reach out to us at for more information.